After a very strange and long year in 2020 due to Covid-19, I was eagerly anticipating some major changes in 2021. I knew with the new year and new administration there were sure to be changes ahead. I had responded to an ad I had seen on Facebook about a Digital Marketing Bootcamp that was being offered. I received a call and had a wonderful conversation with a student advisor from the campus. I learned about what the program had to offer and was excited to learn that it was exactly what I had been hoping it was and more. Knowing that I wanted to further pursue a new career in the digital marketing field I wasn’t even aware that there was a program that encompassed so many of the things I was interested in learning in one place. I had several conversations over several weeks with Student Success Managers (SSM), coaches at the university who stay in touch and answer any questions that you might have.

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I learned that there was an Introductory class to try it out and make sure that the extended program was something you could commit to. I thought it was a great way to learn more and hopefully find that it would be what I hoped that it would be. The extended program was a big commitment lasting 8 additional months with 400 hours of instruction. I was a bit rusty when it came to taking classes and with it being on zoom I was even more apprehensive as to whether it would be the right fit for me.

Fortunately, I loved it! I loved being able to log into a class and not even leave my home! I loved the instructors who were very knowledgeable and experienced in the field. They were very receptive to questions and shared so much of what they knew with us. Guest speakers shared even more great information about the field of digital marketing. The SSMs were great and easy to get ahold of and so very friendly and helpful. I loved that you could re-watch the class via Panapto and that you could ask questions via Slack. So much great technology available that enhances the experience of going to school. Going through the program was very empowering and gave me lots of confidence and now new knowledge and experience to move forward with my goals of entering the field of digital marketing and website design.

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