I am nearing the end of the Digital Marketing Bootcamp through SDSU’s Global Campus that I have been enrolled in since January of this year. I’m completing a journey and creating new ones. I have learned so much and have been able to apply much of what I’ve learned to my volunteer position as the Marketing Communications Chairperson at Assistance League of Inland North County, a non-profit thrift shop in Escondido. Improving on and creating SEO strategies for the organization’s existing website, creating engaging content, using relevant keywords, improving the navigation, creating new member forms and member access to information are a few of the tasks I’ve been able to implement. I’ve always been self-motivated and had great initiative, and through taking this course and continuing my education through other online courses, I’ve been able to strengthen my understanding and build on what I’ve learned. I’m building websites for new clients and providing social media tools to those that need it. I’m really excited about being able to expand and grow my new business with these new skills, knowledge and experience that I now have. Have a look at my growing portfolio and feel free to refer me to friends and acquaintances who may have a need for my services. Thanks for reading!