I graduated! Jumping right into my digital marketing career

I graduated! Jumping right into my digital marketing career

Digital Marketing Career

I’ve jumped right into my digital marketing career after graduating from SDSU’s Digital Marketing program. So exciting! It’s been a year full of learning and expanding on my knowledge and experience in the digital marketing field.


Digital Marketing career

Virtual Classrooms

When I first signed up for the Digital Marketing program I hadn’t stepped into a classroom in a long while. Little did I know how things have changed. One is that due to Covid classrooms were all being done virtually and secondly, how much I would love it! 

The program was intense with long hours and a lot of outside work to keep up with everything that we were learning. Fortunately, my schedule allowed for it with the flexibility of the volunteering I was doing. And, the majority of the class was in the evenings with the exception of Sundays. 

The program had a lot of experienced and well-educated instructors who had many years of experience in their positions in the field of digital marketing. Some were CEOs and owners of their own companies. The teachers were available through Slack and Canvas. And, they were very generous with their time in providing support and answering questions outside of class. Also, there was the valuable resource of LinkedIn networking for future business and career opportunities.

Through word of mouth and my own marketing, I’ve already been taking on new work from clients. I continue to learn and grow and am looking forward to where this new career takes me. Whether I continue working for myself or take on a position in the future with a company, I know I’ll succeed with what I’ve learned during the program. 

If you have any digital marketing needs be it website, marketing, photography, please reach out and let me know how I can help you.



Amanda Sicard



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