Hello, I’m Mandy, and I’m a Busy Digital Marketer

That’s me, Amanda Sicard, I go by Mandy, on the right, and I am a digital marketer and website designer. (Here’s where you say “hi Mandy”). I’ve been pretty busy with my new digital marketing, website design, and SEO career. And, I’m loving it! I was so fortunate to have started with an agency almost […]

I graduated! Jumping right into my digital marketing career

Digital Marketing Career I’ve jumped right into my digital marketing career after graduating from SDSU’s Digital Marketing program. So exciting! It’s been a year full of learning and expanding on my knowledge and experience in the digital marketing field.   Virtual Classrooms When I first signed up for the Digital Marketing program I hadn’t stepped […]

Completing a journey, and creating new ones

I am nearing the end of the Digital Marketing Bootcamp through SDSU’s Global Campus that I have been enrolled in since January of this year. I’m completing a journey and creating new ones. I have learned so much and have been able to apply much of what I’ve learned to my volunteer position as the […]